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Brooklyn 66


  • Derived 100% from organic crops
  • Organic product
  • Rich in terpenes
  • CBD 8% – / 12%
  • THC<0,2%
  • Available in packages of 1,5gr, 3gr and 10gr

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Brooklyn 66 is a variety of hemp flowers of 100% organic origin, rich in terpenes and with a particularly fruity aroma.
This industrial hemp product is not for sale as a food supplement, nor for medicinal or therapeutic use.
This product is only for aromatic use and as a collection item.

Información adicional


1.5gr, 3gr, 10gr


Prime materials and dried flowers of Industrial hemp (< 0.2 THC) without seed.;


Open the sachet and allow the terpenes to permeate the ambience.

«Variety of hemp selected and certified by the European Union» Use before the end of December 2020 .

Grupo iJOINT 2018 S.L guarantees that the content of this packaging NOT NARCOTIC * with free sale certificate.

Distributed by: GRUPO IJOINT 2018 S.L